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5 reasons to embrace fibre coverage in your area


The benefits of utilising the fibre coverage in your area can be paramount to your home and business life. As an ‘end-game technology’, fibre internet has opened the door to a world of possibilities with its capability to move larger quantities of data more efficiently over long distances. This advancement in data transfer has led to improved signal and, as a result, faster internet speeds.

Here is why you need fibre coverage

  1. Increases property value
    Whether you wish to have your property sold, or rented, a deciding factor in modern-day property purchases is internet availability. Having an established fibre connection is more attractive to potential buyers and renters and improves your overall property value. Statistics show that buyers and renters are willing to pay up to 8% above market value for a property with an existing fibre connection.
  1. The availability of open access
    South Africa’s fibre networks are owned by single companies that offer various ISPs. This enables ease in the fibre connection process, as all you require for an active connection is a single cable for your chosen ISP to deliver monthly services. This makes service provider switches easier, as any ISP or owner changes do not require physical changes on your premises.
  1. Internet of the future
    There is no competition between fibre optic cables and other existing internet connection solutions. The traditional copper cables used for ADSL connections have limitations, whilst fibre optic cables have almost unlimited capabilities. Upgrading these networks require changes to the light pulses that travel through the cables, not the cables themselves. As a result, fibre networks will not need changing once installed, making them a future-proof technology.
  1. More environmentally friendly
    Fibre optic cables require less maintenance, which minimises the need to dig up cables for servicing. They conserve more energy as they need less to transmit data, which in turn lessens CO2 emissions. Copper mining, needed for copper internet cables, also has a more significant negative impact on the environment which can be avoided with the implementation of fibre cables.
  1. Improved reliability
    Fibre optic cables make use of light pulses, not electricity. This means that the only way to tamper with these cables is to physically cut them as they do not need electrical signals to function. This improves the overall connection reliability of your internet.

With the advanced technology of fibre, you’ll find that once you move to fibre internet, you’ll never go back!