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Airconditioning Cape Town | The importance of aircon maintenance


With the fluctuating South African climate, having an air conditioner can change the game. Come rain or shine, a reliable air conditioner in Cape Town can create the ideal environment for any residential or commercial living space.

Many air conditioner owners make the mistake of assuming that these machines do not require maintenance after their initial installation. To maintain the optimal efficiency of your air conditioner, it is crucial to have a professional conduct regular services on your unit.

The importance of air conditioner maintenance
  1. Maintain air qualityWith each year that passes, your air conditioner is estimated to lose approximately 5% of its overall efficiency. By utilising the services of professional air conditioning maintenance, individuals can sustain their air conditioners’ energy efficiency.
  1. Lengthen unit’s lifespanAs with any mechanical device, regular servicing is required to maintain the machine’s efficiency, and hence its lifespan. Regular servicing can almost double the life expectancy of an air conditioner.
  1. Save on costsRegular servicing can save on large repair or replacement bills and reduce monthly energy costs. An underperforming unit can consume more power to run and can hence significantly increase electricity costs.
  1. Maintain warranty guidelinesAlthough most quality air conditioners are equipped with an inclusive warranty, ensuring regular servicing is often a requirement to uphold the term of this agreement. These services can also reduce possible repair costs that could fall outside of warranty coverage.
  1. Maintain ideal climate
    A malfunctioning air conditioning unit can often result in underperformance and an incorrect exertion of air, resulting in hot air during warm weather conditions. To avoid this and maintain the effectiveness of the unit, maintenance is essential.

Professional airconditioning services

When it is time to have an air conditioner professionally serviced, it is crucial to utilise the expertise of industry leaders. Using a well-trained professional will ensure that air conditioner parts are stripped and thoroughly checked to be in working condition. Relevant parts are also cleaned to ensure effectiveness.