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Explore your city with a motorcycle rental in Cape Town


Motorcycle rentals in Cape Town are a popular and fun way to bring a new perspective of adventure to your touring plans. With beasts like Harley Davidson, it’s not hard to see why. There is more to motorcycle touring than putting kilometres onto the clock. No matter how long you intend to ride for or where you plan to go, there are some key tips for planning to keep in mind – especially if you are a beginner!

First things first, you’ll need you!

Sitting on top of a motorcycle for long periods of time may not seem like too much of a challenge, that is until you do it. Long distance riding is not for the faint-hearted. As with driving long distances in a motor vehicle, your concentration needs to be stellar, your current state of mind should be up to par, and your needs should all be fulfilled before getting a start on the road.

The thrill of the open road is often accompanied by obstacles that can be tough to overcome when not prepared. Any unexpected challenges should be faced calmly to overcome them.

Secondly… Set up the gameplan

For those who don’t enjoy planning their trips for fear of ‘taking the fun out of it’: you are sorely mistaken. Making a plan, especially for longer trips, is a fun and rewarding way to get your trip started before it has begun.

If you’re a one-person show, setting out a planned trip can help alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling about certain locations or worries about how you will fulfil certain needs. It also allows you to set out a contingency plan should there be an emergency.  

Your route will be the highlight of it all. Whether you are road tripping to hit certain locations or have one end goal in mind, planning a route gives you the chance to make the most of the places you’ll be visiting. This plan can be altered as you go and learn of new locations from locals, but a rough guideline is always good to go by – specifically where accommodation is concerned.

Riders will typically mould their plans for accommodation around how they would like to experience their trip. For a more diverse experience, keeping the accommodation solutions more flexible is often preferable. However, it is crucial to keep the safety of yourself and your motorcycle in mind when choosing a pillow to rest your head.

Lastly: It’s time to get going.

If you checked in on advice for the topic of motorcycle travelling, you may have fallen short on how to get your luggage around or would have found an elaborate way to do so. Today, motorcycle manufacturers produce power bikes that accommodate space for storing your goods.

Start your adventure today!

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