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Retaining walls: For erosion prevention and landscaping


If you’re looking to add a beautiful and functional element to your residential or commercial property, retaining walls are the solution. These systems are highly durable, long-lasting and can be used for everything from landscaping to construction.

Why use retaining walls?

  1. Increase space
    You may lose a lot of usable surface area when a piece of land is sloped. To make this previously unusable space functional, retaining walls can be employed. These systems assist by levelling the ground and holding soil.
  1. Improve drainage
    Retaining systems are often utilized to reduce flooding by preserving water in certain regions. These systems can be built and installed to direct water away, which is particularly beneficial in locations where water might flow down a slope towards a property.
  1. Assist in erosion prevention
    Water, wind, and gravity are the primary causes of erosion. Retaining systems can help to better prevent erosion on your property by barricading affected soil.
  1. Improve property privacy
    A retaining wall is a great way to increase privacy. The size of these walls makes them suitable for privacy when built between two properties.
  1. Landscape designs
    Sloped terrain may impair landscaping in a sloped garden. Installing a retaining wall allows you to accommodate this natural feature and create any design you wish.
  1. Create visual impact
    Many residential and commercial property owners employ retaining walls in their landscape plans for aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to retaining wall designs.

If you are interested in having a retaining wall installed on your property, be sure to contact the professionals. Prior knowledge of retaining systems is needed to ensure the structural integrity of these systems and the design that will best suit the application.