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Shopping for bridesmaids dress? Here are 6 tips to remember


Wedding planning involves so many areas that it can be easy to neglect the importance of choosing suitable bridesmaids dresses for your bridal party. When things get overwhelming, this may seem like the last priority to focus on, however, this should not be the case!

Bridesmaid dresses form a part of the most significant moment of your special day – the part where you say, “I do”. This makes them an essential part of any couples planning. These dresses should not only suit your chosen bridesmaids but should complement the wedding dress and venue décor.

Here are some questions to keep in mind for your planning
  1. Who are your bridesmaids, and how old are they?
    The age of your bridesmaids can largely influence the style of your chosen dress. If your bridesmaid’s ages range from small children to older adults, you’ll need to consider choosing a mixture of different but similar styles and choose one colour across the spectrum to maintain an elegant look.
  1. What are their unique features?
    It is no secret that one style of dress will not suit everyone’s body type. This makes identifying your bridesmaids’ body types an essential step to ensure that your final choice is flattering on all these special guests.

    Considering their skin tones and hair colour is also essential. For example, a yellow-toned dress may not suit a brunette and blonde in the same manner. You don’t want to risk making anyone look washed out on the day!

  1. What season will it be?
    Determining whether it will be cold or warm weather will assist in making a more suitable bridesmaid dress choice. For example, in the middle of winter – a shorter dress with strapped or short sleeves will leave your bridesmaid cold and uncomfortable.
Some more considerations…

No matter the size of your bridal party, deciding on a dress that will satisfy everyone can seem like a nightmarish process. Although it is impossible to cater for everyone’s style and colour preferences, finding a happy medium is doable. Asking your bridesmaids to provide some ‘hard no’ style options could be an easy way to make this process quick and painless.

It is essential here to remember that whatever the final choice is, that it suits your wedding dress! Bridesmaids are a big part of this special day and will feature in some important photos. This makes the style and colour cohesion a crucial factor.

With all these key questions in mind, you’re ready to get started on the shopping!