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Signage Ideas for Your Small Business

There are endless possibilities when it comes to signage for your small business. However, deciding which type of signage will work best for your branding and marketing efforts can be challenging. This blog post will discuss some of the best types of signage for small businesses to utilise due to their cost efficiency and ROI.

Signage Solutions for your Small Business

  1. Window Frosting

In the world of signage, glass windows are prime real estate for business branding. As a result, they offer various opportunities, including window frosting!

What is window frosting? Window frosting is a type of signage made from a thin plastic sheet that has been printed with your desired design. The sheet is attached to the inside of your business’s window to create a frosted effect. Why should you use this signage? This signage can be customised to any design you require and offers added privacy in offices and store spaces. It also allows businesses to add a branded decorative touch to their environment to increase professionalism. It is also a great way to promote special deals and events that you may be having.
  1. Perspex Signs
Finding a signage solution that is durable, long-lasting and affordable is a must for small businesses looking to improve brand awareness. Luckily, perspex signs tick all these requirements!

What are perspex signs?
Perspex signs are made from a highly durable clear plastic material, making these signs a popular choice. In addition, perspex can be manufactured into a range of solutions, including a-frame signs. This type of signage is perfect for businesses that want to enjoy a sleek and modern look whilst advertising their brand.

Why should you use this signage?
Perspex signs are a great way to showcase your business’s products or services. They offer great visibility, are lightweight and easy to move around or install and have excellent weather resistant qualities that make them suitable for interior and exterior use.

  1. Digital Printing

Various signage solutions rely on digital printing to yield quality visuals, from posters to banners. Using the solutions digital printing offers, such as posters and promotional items, is an excellent way to affordably build your brand’s reach.

What is digital printing? Digital printing involves directly printing high-resolution images from a digital file onto the desired material. This option offers fast results that do not compromise quality, which is why it has proven to be an excellent alternative to traditional methods Why should you use this signage? Digital printing is a type of signage that allows you to create any design you desire. It is perfect for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors or need a lot of flexibility with their branding. With digital printing, you can print any size, shape, or colour that you want.

No matter what type of signage you decide to use for your small business, make sure it is visible and easy to read. Also, consider using various types of signage to get your branding out there in the most effective way possible.