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The What, Where, Why and How of the Orange River

The exhilarating experience that awaits when visiting and exploring the Orange River is a story you will never be able to replicate! This is why it is so easy to believe that the Orange River is as big of a tourist attraction as it is!
As a family-friendly space, a trip to the Orange River guarantees a fun experience no matter the age. However, the area’s beauty is also not something to be overlooked. From the rocky cliffs to the lush vegetation, there is plenty to take in while rafting down the Orange River.
  • What is the Orange River?
    The Orange River, also called the Gariep River, is the longest river in South Africa. This river extends from Lesotho into South Africa and forms part of the border between South Africa and Namibia.
  • How did it get its name?
    The earliest names of the now Orange River were based on its colour and great size. The early Dutch settlers coined the name ‘Groote Rivier’ before the name was finalised. The name as we know it today was decided by a Colonel who named it in honour of Prince William the fifth of Orange, the reigning house of the Netherlands.
  • Why is the Orange River so popular?
    The Orange River is the perfect place to come and relax. With so much to see, you’ll be able to spend days exploring the area and still not see it all! The river is also an excellent spot for fishing, which means the river even accommodates calm and peaceful days.

    Those looking for more adventure can also enjoy the rafting trips offered down the Orange River’s length. This is a great way to see some of the most beautiful parts of the river while getting your adrenaline fix. It’s these activities, and many more, that make tourists want to return for more experiences to this river.

  • Where can I go to explore the Orange River?
    The Orange River can be experienced in various ways throughout the year. There are no excuses for not seeing it! Taking a trip to see the Orange River, and partake in exciting activities, is more budget-friendly than most adventures – which is another reason it is so suitable for family vacations.

Many tour packages include exciting activities like orange river rafting and orange river camping – right along the river! Rafting will provide the most intense adrenaline rush as the water roars around you before dissipating into tranquillity as the water quiets. The camping also lets you truly embrace the stunning nature that surrounds you. These trips are typically all-inclusive, always led by professionals who know the area well, and are guided by individuals who will ensure you have the best time. They also provide all of the river rafting equipment you may need.

The Orange River’s beauty is certain to give you a feeling of accomplishment and well-being. So what are you waiting for? Your adventure begins today!