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What to know before getting Fibre internet


Fibre internet has gained significant popularity in home internet connections over the last few years. For those interested in making the switch to a fibre internet connection, there are certain considerations.

Why fibre?

Fibre’s popularity growth is primarily due to its improved internet speeds. This is because the construct of the fibre-optic cables used for the data transference for fibre internet is significantly faster than the copper cables used for traditional ADSL connections. As a result, fibre internet is a no-brainer for those looking for a truly lightning fast connection. 

Important things to know for your fibre connection

Although fibre internet is making significant steps to roll out across South Africa, these connections are not automatically available everywhere. Fibre coverage is required to make use of a fibre connection. This involves the laying of fibre optic cables by qualified fibre installation companies. Should your area not have existing fibre optic cables, it is advised to show your interest to a fibre installation company. Once enough individuals in your area have done so, these companies will start the project to have these cables placed in your area.

If fibre coverage is available in your area, you will need to choose an appropriate internet service provider to establish your connection. During this process, it is essential to consider which package will best suit your needs based on the offered megabits per second. Packages typically range from 10 Mbps to 200 Mbps.

Most fibre internet providers charge a once-off installation fee to pull the fibre connection onto your premises. This will have to be considered when preparing for the costs involved in connecting your fibre internet. Some companies offer free installation incentives if you choose to sign up for a specific contract period.

A new router to establish your WiFi connection may need to be purchased. However, this will depend on whether you had an existing internet connection in the past and whether that router can handle the fibre connection.

For those wishing to establish a fibre internet connection to improve their browsing or streaming capabilities, a high Mbps is not automatically necessary! For streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, a 10Mbps or 20Mbps connection should suffice. This will all depend on the number of people using the network.

Once you have worked through all these considerations and ensured fibre coverage is available in your area, there is nothing holding you back from getting faster internet as soon as possible!