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5 reasons to embrace fibre coverage in your area


The design of vellies shoes boasts longevity. As the popularity of these shoes have risen again in the last few years, finding a pair of comfortable local vellies has never been easier. Practical for everyday use, these shoes are a staple for any South African closet!

Why vellies are a must-have

  1. Comfortable
    If a pair of shoes does not fit comfortably, chances are you won’t be wearing them that often. This is what makes vellies such a wonderful shoe choice! With a design that has been passed down through generations, vellies contain a shape and style that is powered for comfort. This comfort originates from its firm rubber sole, spacious inner and flat base.
  1. Fashionable
    Most of us are already familiar with the unique design and style of vellies. Typically produced with high-quality leather, it’s hard to go wrong! These shoes offer a neutral and fashionable base that will suit most items in your wardrobe. It will also outlast trends to come, making them an excellent shoe choice.
  1. Versatile
    Vellies and versatility walk hand in hand. These unisex shoes offer individuals of all ages stylish footwear that can be worn well with or without socks. These shoes are also suitable to wear for a range of different occasions, from casual to formal!
  1. Highly durable
    Leather shoes are generally synonymous with durability. The tough exterior of vellies can be exposed to the elements without concern for their wearability afterwards.

A South African legacy

Through the most trying time of South Africa history, vellies have remained a choice for all. Today, these shoes are considered our most popular and beloved. Representing unity, these shoes are a true symbol of pride for our heritage.

When you invest in a pair of vellies, your feet will thank you for it! After you have broken them in, these shoes will mould perfectly to your feet and provide years of lasting wear. Before you realise it, vellies will have become a star piece in your everyday wear.