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How access control systems benefit your space


A modern-day access control system refers to an electronic system comprising a physical device and desktop or cloud-based software. These systems are used to provide approved access into restricted areas. They can also collect valuable data for employee movement tracking and better safeguard certain areas or equipment. Access control gives employers or business owners various options to restrict necessary areas.

This system can be differentiated by:

  • Physical access control systems: Controls entry to restricted spaces or from restricted resources.
  • Logical access control systems: Restricting access to computing software.

The benefits of access control systems

  1. Ease of use

    Using physical keys to access restricted areas requires that keys be produced and distributed to the correct individuals. If a key is misplaced, the locks may have to be changed, and keys would have to be redistributed. This physical access control does not allow for surveillance of who has accessed the space and when. The most concerning aspect is that keys can be duplicated without the company’s knowledge. Electronic access control systems mitigate these risks, and systems become more practical to use and manage.

  1. Improved safety

    Access control systems, unlike mechanical keys, allow for more security. Employers gain more control over who is accessing the space as it allows them to see who’s coming in and from which access point they have done so. Employers can also identify accountability in the event of a problem.

  1. Ensure compliance

    Depending on the sector, various security standards must be met to fulfil required regulatory standards. Using access control systems to meet this compliance boosts public trust and serves as a bargaining chip for attracting new clients.

  1. Enhanced experience

    Modern access control systems provide more security while also reducing the number of obstacles to entry. This results in a better user experience that is aided by current cloud-based technology. Finally, these technologies and systems are also simple to use, making them suitable for everyone to use regardless of their location.