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How to decide on the best flower delivery in Cape Town


Whether to celebrate or apologise, receiving a bouquet is a beautiful gesture – which is why so many individuals turn to it to express their feelings! Whether you require custom created flower arrangements to liven up your space or are looking to spoil someone special in your life, certain factors should be considered to ensure you receive the best flower arrangement for your needs.

Before choosing a company for flower delivery in Cape Town, consider the following factors:


When choosing any service, one should consider its cost. Sometimes going for the most affordable business is not the way to receive high-quality products. Choosing a flower delivery company is no different! When deciding on which florist to use, one should consider the cost of the service in relation to the quality of the outcome and difficulty of the flower arrangement request.


When deciding on a service you have not used before, an easy way to grasp the business’s quality is through reviews. Even when the business offers quality floral arrangements, what their clients receive may not meet these standards. Client reviews are an honest representation of the service you can expect.

Payment options

Reputable flower delivery services will provide their clients with secure payment options. This protects you and the business from fraud and ensures the online safety of your financial data. The various payment options should also strive to provide clients with variety for complete convenience.

Enquire about substitution policies

As beautiful as they are, it is no secret that flowers are perishable commodities. It is important for those requesting specific flowers in their arrangement to inquire about your chosen florist boutique’s substitution policies.

Clarify your delivery

When utilising a flower delivery service, it is always a good rule of thumb to confirm that your chosen florist boutique can deliver to your location within your requested time frame.

Finding the right flower arrangement for your occasion does not have to be a complicated process, nor an expensive one! Once you have chosen a professional boutique florist, their responsibility is to take your flower arrangement vision and make it a reality.