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Orange River Rafting: Everything you need to know


Experiencing an Orange River Rafting trip will give you enthralling stories to share for years to come! As a genuinely family-friendly adventure, considering a trip to the Orange River offers options that require zero prior paddling experience. This makes it suitable for children as young as five years old. A trip to this beautiful location will not only cement existing relationships but, with the right guides, can bring about new friendships.

An Orange River rafting excursion is a life-changing experience that will leave you feeling restored and revitalized. Rafting will bring about the highest forms of adrenaline as the water surges around you, only to bring forth a sense of tranquillity as the water calms – creating the perfect environment to embrace adventure and break away from the everyday stresses of life.  This rafting adventure offers the opportunity to truly enjoy the abundant and beautiful birdlife of the area, soak in the African sun and sleep underneath the stars.

With Grade 1 rapids, this experience is ideal for those seeking excitement without danger. With experienced and knowledgeable guides ensuring all safety procedures are followed, these trips are very popular. With regions free of malaria, and the river water that is bilharzia-free, visitors can ease their safety concerns. The area is free of large animals, including crocodiles and hippopotami. For those interested in fishing, it is advisable to bring along a rod or hand line to enjoy the area’s yellowfish, mudfish, and catfish.

River rafting safety tips to remember

Although the best Orange River rafting is enjoyed through the guidance of an experienced rafter, there are still some important safety tips to remember when preparing for your trip.

  1. Do prior research

    To fully enjoy your river rafting experience, it is important to remember that this sport still requires some basic safety precautions. Depending on the exact location of your rafting, the season and the river flow, your experience may greatly differ.

  1. Be aware of your endurance

    Like all sports, water sports require a certain level of fitness and swimming skill. For amateur rafters, this should not interfere with your experience but rather enhance it. Proper rest is vital at the end of each day so that adventure follows into the next!

  1. Always follow your guide’s instructions

    Choosing a guided tour for Orange River rafting is not only essential to ensure that you have access to the correct equipment, but it is also necessary to gain basic knowledge of how the sport works and other considerations. Listening carefully to your guide, who has ample experience, will ensure you embrace the best experience.

Your Orange River rafting adventure begins today. With many tour options available at various times of the year, suitable for all budgets, there is no excuse to not welcome the beauty of the Orange River with a trip that is guaranteed to leave you with a sense of achievement and higher well-being.