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Must-have features for your built in braai


The type of braai you choose for your space will depend on your unique needs and lifestyle. While some households braai a few days a week, others may only utilise their built-in braai on sunny summer days. Some prefer gas for their braai needs as one is able to braai faster than with a wood fire, while others enjoy the comparatively longer social event of lighting a wood fire.

Having all the information and understanding how to enjoy your built-in braai features are integral to your enjoyment and enjoying the ultimate braai experience. There are several factors to consider when purchasing or installing a built-in braai unit, no matter what type of fuel you’re using, be it wood, charcoal, or gas.

Tools for becoming a Braai Master

The more we learn about braaiing, the more we realise the possibilities of a built-in braai! By adding specific features to your braai, you can give yourself a hassle-free experience that opens the door to fun and experimentation.

Here are some features to keep a lookout for:

  1. Braai light Braai masters, or those in training, will know that there are just not enough hands to also hold up a light – and surely head torches aren’t the best solution for the long term? This is where the visibility consideration really comes into play. When selecting your built-in braai, make sure that it has a light fitting included for easy visibility on your feast in the making.
  1. Braai grid Every braai master needs a good quality grid or two… Grids are typically made from stainless steel, nickel, or chrome-plated aluminium, each unique properties and benefits. Deciding which grid will best suit your braaiing needs will help you make a better final decision for your built-in braai. Ensuring that you can adjust the height of this grid is also an important consideration.
  1. Ember Maker Ember makers are fit into most existing built-in braai units, excluding some entry-level options. These aid in making coals quickly and easily, which enhances the overall braai experience. It also ensures a continuous supply of coals. This may be a feature worth adding to your ‘must-have’ list!
  1. Ash Pans Clean-up is an unavoidable step in every braai. Luckily, built-in braais offer a solution to make this process quick and painless. Ash pans catch-all ash created from your braai to make easy removal – making this feature a must on any braai masters list.