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Tips for safely using pest control products


The kind of pest you are looking to remove from your premises will determine the pest control products that should be used for the best outcome. Pesticides are chemicals used to control and eliminate pests in the form of plants or animals. These products are most often used to deter and eradicate insects, rodents, alien invasive plants and other organisms.

What to remember when choosing your pesticide

When deciding on which course of action to take for your pest control, it is important to remember to consider whether your chosen pesticide is appropriate for your desired outcome. Depending on the situation, it may not be realistic to have a pest-free environment after one application when repeated use may be necessary.

If repeated use of chemical products may cause more harm in the long run, it may also be necessary to consider natural alternatives. There are various non-chemical pesticides on the market appropriate for controlling many pests.

For individuals looking for a pesticide solution without confirmation of what kind of pest it may be, it will be worthwhile to seek professional advice. Based on your information, most industry professionals can accurately determine which pest you are trying to control. Alternatively, a professional can visit your location.

Rules for general pesticide safety

Pesticides target insect, rodent and plant pests in residential and commercial spaces. When using pest control products, it is crucial to follow directions accurately. All pesticides are toxic and can also cause harm to humans, making it important to use as little as possible.

When using pesticides at home, follow these suggestions:

  • Only purchase and store as much product as you need.
  • Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before use.
  • Follow instructions for use carefully.
  • Do not use more products than instructed.
  • Be sure to follow the suggested safety precautions.
  • Never mix pesticides – this can cause a dangerous chemical reaction.
  • Store pesticides in their original containers, in a safe space away from children.
  • Do not set traps in areas accessible by children.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using pesticides.
  • Remember to thoroughly wash your hand after use.