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Pool Pumps: Choosing the best pump for your pool


Many South African homeowners enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool in their backyard, though with this luxury follows years of responsibility to maintain clean and healthy swimming water. To better enjoy the investment of a swimming pool, the best step to take is to invest in a quality pool pump and filter to make maintenance easy.

Considerations for choosing a pool pump

The saying may be that ‘bigger is better’. However, this rule does not apply to choosing a suitable pool pump for your swimming pool. Choosing a pump that is too big for your pool can result in higher running costs and risk the overexertion of the pool’s filter, leading to failure of the system.

Similarly, opting for a pool pump that is too small for proper application in your swimming pool can result in heavy strain and the burning out of the unit. This is why, when choosing a suitable unit for your pool, the most important specification to consider is the flow rate, not the pump’s overall power.

As a general rule of thumb, pool water should be fully filtered once in an eight-hour cycle. By determining the litre size of your pool, you will be able to deduce the flow rate necessary for your pump.

Types of pool pumps

  1. Single-speed pumps
    Single-speed pool pumps are the most popular choice amongst swimming pool owners due to their ability to provide effective pool water circulation at an affordable cost. These pumps are best suited for low usage swimming pools due to their higher energy consumption.
  1. Two-speed pumps
    Two-speed pool pumps are similar to single-speed pumps, however, they run at two fixed speeds. With the ability to adjust between a high and low speed, the user has better control over the energy consumption of this unit.
  1. Variable-speed pumps
    Variable-speed pumps are typically a more expensive initial purchase. However these units save swimming pool owners on efficiency and costs in the long run. These pumps can adjust their speed based on the tasks it is performing, allowing for significantly lower energy consumption.

Should you be interested in investing in a pool pump to improve the quality of your pool’s water or are interested in upgrading your existing unit, seeking the help of an industry expert is the best route to follow. Swimming pool professionals have undeniable knowledge of all the products on the market and can provide stellar advice on which unit will best suit your needs and budget.