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Skirting board: Everything you need to know


What is a skirting board?

A skirting board is a thin piece of wood that sits at the bottom of your walling and follows around the edge of the room. In practicality, these boards are crucial as they help shield walls from wear and tear, such as scuffs and scrapes. These boards also hold aesthetic value as they can help create a finished look for your space.

What Do They Do?

  • They help prevent damage
  • They cover gaps between walling and flooring
  • They act as a buffer between your walls and your furniture
  • They can be used to hide electrical wiring
  • They add a unique decorative touch


Popular Types of Skirting Boards

  1. The bullnose

Bullnose skirting has a rounded edge as opposed to a sharp, pointed one. This gives the overall look of the skirting board a softer appearance and is typically more aesthetically suited to traditionally styled homes.

  1. The chamfered

Chamfered skirting boards feature a 45-degree angled edge. This skirting board style works well in contemporary homes because of its sleek appearance. Additionally, chamfered skirting boards can make small rooms look more spacious, allowing you to see more of the flooring.

  1. The ogee

The s-shaped Ogee skirting has a concave and convex curve, making it more decorative than bullnose or chamfered boards. Its elegant appearance makes it ideal for traditional homes’ hallways, lounges, and bedrooms.

  1. The torus

Torus skirting is similar to ogee skirting though it holds fewer sharp curves. These boards are slightly less ornate in design but just as versatile. This elegant skirting is well-suited to traditional homes as it can create a warm, inviting feeling.

Time to invest in skirting boards!

There is a wide variety of skirting boards on the market to suit all homes and personal preferences! Remember to take the style of your walls and flooring into account when choosing your skirting boards to ensure you create a cohesively designed interior. If you’re not sure which type of skirting board will best suit your space, there are plenty of experts to help guide you through the style and material selection.