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Vibracrete Slabs: Everything you need to know


Vibracrete slabs offer property owners an affordable choice for boundary walls that do not compromise on strength, versatility or overall quality. If you are considering using vibracrete slabs for the boundaries of your residential, commercial or industrial property, here are some important things to know.

How vibracrete slabs are made

  1. Crushed rocks, sand and various additives are combined.
  2. This is transferred to a mixer and mixed until thick and gritty.
  3. Quality assurance tests are conducted to test the batch strength.
  4. Moulds are prepared with a releasing agent, and welded wire is placed inside.
  5. The approved mixture is poured into the moulds.
  6. Slabs are removed and sandblasted before being cured for a minimum of three days.

Reasons to consider vibracrete slabs

  1. High quality
    When choosing a leading company to meet your vibracrete slab needs, you can be rest assured that your slabs are manufactured with high-quality raw materials. This ensures that the final product is durable and will last for years to come.
  1. High durability
    As a whole, precast concrete products are popular for their strength and versatility. Their durability across all weather conditions makes them the ideal material choice no matter what the environment.
  1. Affordable
    The precast nature of vibracrete slabs allows the overall manufacturing cost of this product to reduce. This saves costs in manufacturing, which in turn makes these slabs cheaper to produce and more affordable for consumers to purchase.
  1. Customisable
    Vibracrete slabs not only offer excellent affordability and durability but are also customisable. These slabs can be finished with unique colours and styles to better suit the property’s existing aesthetic they are intended for.
  1. Low maintenance
    Once installation is complete, vibracrete walling requires little maintenance to look its best. An occasional cleaning or hosing down is all that is necessary to make it look new for years to come.
  1. Multiple kinds of vibracrete
    Vibracrete can be moulded to be plain, brick-lined or pebbled. This offers consumers a broader selection to suit their design aspirations.

For quality vibracrete slabs to utilise for the boundaries of your property, be sure to contact the industry experts.